Try the supercar hire experience

There’s nothing like driving a supercar. That’s why we’ve assembled some of the greatest, fastest, best performing road cars in the world from some of the world’s most sought after marques. So now you can live your dreams of the nerve-tingling experience of driving a red Ferrari, the screaming V8 thrusting in your back. Or perhaps you’d prefer the smoother and more sophisticated power delivery of an exquisite Aston Martin V8 or V12. Supercar hire from Churchill Supercars enables you to experience these awesome cars by the day, weekend, week or month.

Amazing performance car hire

Lamborghini or Ferrari? Aston Martin or Mercedes AMG? Now you can find out which is best first-hand, because our competitively-priced performance car hire enables you to try your dream cars. Whatever your choice, you’ll have a truly amazing experience – and not just from the driving. Imagine the looks from other car enthusiasts and road users.

Prestige car hire. To impress your friends and business partners. Or as a special treat for a loved one.

The unmistakable presence of an Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini or Maserati makes special days even more special. Just imagine how prestige car hire can make all the difference to weddings, birthdays, gift days, corporate events and days out. It’s hardly surprising that our cars appear regularly in film, TV and advertising shoots. Which Churchill supercar would you like to hire?