Churchill Supercars – the prestige car hire company

Founded by successful businessman Toby Churchill out of his love of fast cars, Churchill Supercars brings you the pick of the world’s great marques. Ours is possibly the best choice of performance cars for hire available anywhere in the UK. Our prestige car hire company enables you to enjoy driving supercars, even if you’re not super-rich – we’ve pitched our daily, weekend, weekly and monthly rates as affordably as we can. What’s more, we treat you like a supercar owner. We’re flexible and will deliver and collect throughout the country.

Why self-drive car hire?

Simply because every supercar is made to be driven. With our self-drive car hire you’ll experience the rush you can only get from the power, grace and poise – or sheer brute force – of a supercar. There really is nothing like it. You can hire a prestige car just when you need it. And you can forget about the cost of ownership and the impracticality of many as everyday transport – we take care of all of that!

The pinnacle of high performance car hire

We’ve assembled some of the world’s most iconic and legendary supercars, the very apogee of automotive design and engineering. That means you can feel the adrenaline rush of Ferrari’s Grand Prix racing heritage and Aston Martin’s Le Mans success. Or perhaps your dream is a Bentley, Lamborghini, Maserati, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz or Range Rover. Our high performance car hire makes them all available to you.