Hire A Lamborghini Weekly

With an unrivalled fleet of luxury supercars available for rental, any one of these cars is at your disposal. If you’ve always wanted to experience a ride in a luxurious supercar then such a car can be yours for a day, a weekend, a week or even a month, then the opportunity is there for the taking with Churchill Supercars.

Not a fan of the understated, unassuming road vehicle? If you want a car that really makes a statement then the Lamborghini is it in a nutshell. The Lamborghini is renowned for its natural ability to turn heads, and it’s the supercar of choice for drivers who like a little envious attention from passers-by and other road users. From its high-tech, futuristic design style to its intimidatingly powerful engine, the Lamborghini is the ultimate supercar.

Whether for special occasion hire or self-drive hire, you can hire something special from Churchill Supercars. You might prefer the Lamborghini, a Ferrari or an Aston Martin, but whatever your pick, we make the hire process simple. Our prices are competitive, and we offer a great range of membership packages and gift vouchers.